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Did you know more than 20 million Americans suffer from some form of peripheral neuropathy? For those living in and around Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit areas.  The team at ReGenesis Medical Center can help. Learn more about your diagnostic and treatment options during a face-to-face consultation. Booking your visit takes just moments online or over the phone.

Burning of the feet

Walking on needles

Cold Feet

Shooting pain

Redness of the skin


Loss of balance

Millions of Americans suffer through sleepless nights and painful walks during the day.  The pain that increases as the day goes on is distracting.  The sharp pain while standing stops people from the hobbies they enjoy. 

We help patients who don’t get relief from medications.  We also understand that some patients suffer from side effects from the medications and don’t want to use them.  Some patients lose their balance so they’re not confident going out or spending a day hiking with the family. 

Neuropathy is a disease that gets worse over time.  The symptoms of pain, numbness, cold, or burning are all caused by nerves dying in the feet.  As the nerve endings die they become very painful!  As time passes, the risk for falls and injury increases.  If this disease goes too far, it leads to amputation of the toes or feet.  We want to help everyone avoid this! 

Neuropathy may be caused by diabetes, chemical exposure, chemotherapy, or as a reaction to certain medications.  Whatever the cause is for you, we have advanced treatment options that can help!  We focus on therapy for patients suffering from these types of symptoms, and we want to help!  Call our office for an appointment to find out what treatment is best for you!